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While our primary goal is to bridge the opportunity gap through scholarship and mentorship, the relationships that we form with selfless individuals in the community sometimes provides even more opportunities to do some pretty cool things!

"Let's Play Ball!"

Coach Butler at John Marshall High School made us aware of the fact that many smart and talented young men have an interest in baseball but due to their family's financial situation, do not participate in America's favorite game.


Once we were told just how awesome these boys were (on the field and in the classroom), we felt compelled to try and acquire cleats through our network of supporters. Thanks to our supporters and Dunham Sports it was a success!


It was especially rewarding to receive hand-written letters from the young men expressing their gratitude.





BAC in the Community


Persistence... Progress... Pizza!

The BAC Scholarship Fund believes in changing the world through scholarship and mentorship. While our scholarships are obviously limited to high school seniors, we don't stop there!


Middle school can be a tough experience for many kids --- not to mention the possibility of challenges at home and in the community. We work to identify ways to engage students while rewarding their persistence and progress in the classroom.


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