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Schools Partner to Increase Literacy



Rocky Mount, NC - A group of senior football players from Nash Central High School used their lunch break to mentor second grade boys at Williford Elementary on Tuesday. 

The effort was led by Kevin Jones, who is the founder/president of the BAC Scholarship Fund and also attended both schools. The focus of the engagement was reading comprehension, which Principal Kendrick Alston says is a top priority.


Second graders were paired one-on-one with a football player in Williford's Media Center where they read a short story and discussed the book's key elements afterwards (i.e. main character and order of events).

Jones says that the program has the potential to make a lasting impact. "The 2nd graders gained positive role models today, the football players learned the importance of serving those coming behind them and the adults in the room were at a loss for words. Our community was made stronger today."


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