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More from 2017 BAC Scholar, DaBria Bullock


Sophomore Year

Hello everyone! I am currently in my second semester of sophomore year and things are going great!


I am still a member of the Student Government Association, serving as the Sophomore Class Vice President. This position also requires me to serve as a Senator for the Legislative Branch. In addition to that role, I have also taken advantage of many opportunities such as interning, attending professional leadership conferences and giving back to the community.

None of this would be possible if it weren't for Kevin Jones and the gracious donors and sponsors of this AMAZING scholarship. The BAC Scholarship not only helped me have a smooth transition into the college life but also inspired me to one day return the favor and become a donor myself --- to help someone have the same or an even better college experience than I've had.


College has definitely challenged me mentally and emotionally but thanks to each and every donor, I do not have to stress as much over paying for it. Once again, thank you so much Kevin Jones and those who donated to the BAC Scholarship!



Community Service

Not long after being elected as Sophomore Class Vice President, DaBria took advantage of the opportunity to serve the Fayetteville community in her new role --- despite the rainy weather!

Here she is with her fellow members of the Sophomore Class Council, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity!

Great work DaBria!



Miss Junior

DaBria is back on the Royal Court after recently being elected by her classmates to serve & represent Fayetteville State's Junior Class.

There is no doubt that she will serve and represent well. Could this be the face of the next Miss Fayetteville State University?

Congratulations, DaBria! 



Summer 2019 was a good one for DaBria. After a Sophomore year filled with hard work, she earned an internship with the Department of Justice!

Given the nature of the internship, that's about all we know --- if we knew any more, she'd probably have to kill us. :)

This was undoubtedly an amazing opportunity to learn & serve and there's no doubt that DaBria maximized every second of it!

Can't wait to see what she does next.


Vote DaBria!

It's off to the races to see who will join the 78 women before them in becoming Miss Fayetteville State University!


DaBria is running to serve as Fayetteville State University's 79th Miss FSU!

Go get em, DaBria!


Miss FSU

While we are sure that the 78 ladies before her were pretty amazing, there's something special about #79!


During what will likely go down in history as one of the most challenging times for college students around the world, DaBria has taken the helm as one of the student leaders that Fayetteville State University will look to for leadership during unprecedented times.

No doubt that she will do well.



After just a few months on the job as Miss FSU, DaBria has had to help the students and the university's leadership navigate through a historic Presidential election and a worldwide health crisis among other things.


It is a challenge, but just as she's always done, DaBria is stepping up to that challenge and representing well!

Fayetteville State University is so lucky to have her.

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